Your eye in the sky

Ever been caught mid flight, thousands of meters above solid ground, when you suddenly remember that you were meant to courier a pile of paperwork to the bank.

Or that you left the oven on.  Or Buddy the budgie with no food.

Ever been caught off guard in a foreign country with no clue who to call?

No idea which hotel to book into. Not even the faintest idea which way is north.

You can call me

I’m your eye in the sky, your concierge on call. I’m using my years of travel, and experience in the hospitality industry to get you what you need while you’re trotting around the globe. The process is simple.

1. Sign up over here.

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2. Use the details I send you to let me know when you’re off on a trip.

3. Pop your question into the form below and I’ll get you an answer as quickly as possible.

4. Safe travels

Yes, yes, I know. There are apps that do exactly what I do, but they don’t have a soul, they can’t talk back with real emotion, and they certainly can’t tell you to ask for the barman named George so he’ll make you a Sinclair on the rocks with a smile.

Fire away

If your question is a little more general, please feel free to write to me or give me a call:

375 Powder House Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33411
561 605 6850

The easiest option, however, is to use this form to send me your questions. You need to sign up first, but I’ll just leave this here so that it’s easy to find.

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